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((This is an rp blog for the character Claire Cooper from the movie "In Dreams." This version is set after the movie. She lives alone in southern Massachusetts, where she still works as an illustrator. Her only child, Rebecca, was killed two years previously, as was her husband. She doesn't know what happened to their killer, Vivian Thompson, other than that he was committed to a mental facility, and that's all she wants to know. Now she's trying to get past the whole debacle. She's rather reserved around new people and doesn't trust them easily, but she can like them. Don't be shy to talk to her.

-work in progress-))

Solitude (Open)

Two years. Two years had passed since that week, the event she called “The Nightmare.” It never really ended for her; her daughter never came back, after all. There was no waking up from that. Still, she felt like she wasn’t doing too badly now. She had her own house near a small town, she still had her job and her dalmatian, and she had even made some friends in the town. Not too bad. But sometimes it seemed too quiet, like a hurricane’s eye. Nothing ever changed out here. Sometimes an eerie feeling settled over her and fogged up her mind. It always disappeared as soon as it came, leaving a feeling of disorientation that soon faded as well. She had no explanation for it; it wasn’t her old nightmares. Those hadn’t bothered her much recently. Then what was up with that odd feeling? “Who knows..” she muttered to herself. “I can deal with it.”

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